This video is a prime example of why owners of high-powered cars should definitely enroll in a driving course that explains to them the dynamics of more than 500 horsepower being sent to only the rear wheels, and preferably gets them out on the skidpan too.

It shows the owner of a Ferrari 458 Italia driving on a highway and then attempting to overtake a car, the occupants of which are clearly major fans of the Prancing Horse (they even installed Ferrari seatbelts in their sedan) and have their camera phones out to capture the event.

Just as the 458 driver drops the hammer, the car lunges forward but then its tail starts to go sideways. The driver loses total control at this point and the beautiful car slams straight into a concrete highway barrier.

With the sky gray and wipers on many cars turned on, it appears that a wet surface may have been the culprit here.

According to a post in Italy’s La Repubblica, first picked up by Jalopnik, the 458 Italia was only registered the morning of the crash and the car and its mysterious driver had disappeared by the time the police arrived.

The crash is alleged to have occurred in Bari, Italy, so perhaps the driver may have been worried about the country’s tax police.

This is the second known crash of a Ferrari 458 Italia that has taken place this month. Just a week ago Dutch DJ Nick van de Wall, better known as Afojack, crashed a similar red example that he had only taken delivery of a few hours prior to crashing. He posted a photo of the wreck to his Twitter account, along with a comment about the equally poor weather.