Australian racing legend Sir Jack Brabham and his family have won back the rights to the Brabham name after a lengthy legal battle taking place in German courts.

The story goes back to 2008, when a tuning firm led by German Michael Trick started using the Brabham Racing name.

It’s alleged that Brabham and his family never renewed the trademark on the Brabham name, leaving the door open for Trick to purchase the rights.

David Brabham, son of Sir Jack Brabham and also a race car driver, took the battle to a court in Germany where he won back the rights to the family name.

“I'm delighted that this situation has finally come to an end,” David Brabham told Autosport. “It's been a long and tiring battle, but this was something I felt we needed to do to protect the Brabham name.”

Note, this isn’t the only time that another company has attempted to use the Brabham name. In 2009, a group set up by Formtech applied for an entry in Formula One under the name Brabham Grand Prix. The application was knocked back, however. 

Sir Jack Brabham, now 86, is a triple Formula One world champion, having one the championship in 1959, 1960 and 1966 with his own team and car.

As for the future of the Brabham name in motorsport, David Brabham is alleged to have mentioned future plans but without stating any specifics.


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