Australian racing legend Sir Jack Brabham has revealed that he is disappointed that a company in Germany, which he has no association with, is using his name to promote a range of aftermarket performance parts and accessories. The tuning firm is Germany’s Brabham Racing, which plans to develop a range of performance modifications, including whole cars, based on the BMW M3, M5 and X6 SUV.

Brabham, now 82, together with his family is considering mounting legal action against the German firm despite his poor state of health.

"It is very disappointing, in 65 years or racing no one has ever done this to me before," he told the Australian Associated Press today. "They are using my name without my knowledge to promote and sell their products."

One of his biggest concerns is that if anything goes wrong with the products, people will automatically assume that Brabham himself has endorsed them. In his illustrious history, Sir Jack was F1 Champion in 1959, 1960, and 1966, and was the founding of the Brabham racing team and constructor.


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