When we say “Volkswagen Golf,” what comes to mind? If you’re an enthusiast, you’re probably thinking of the VW Golf GTI, a car known for its spirited personality and fun-to-drive factor, if not its outright speed and handling.

What probably doesn’t come to mind are things like “998.8 horsepower,” or “eight second quarter-miles,” yet that’s exactly what this Mark II Golf 4Motion, dubbed “16Vampir,” is putting down.

We dare you to watch the video, found on Road and Track, and not be amazed - nay, stupified - at the acceleration the 16Vampir is capable of. Even running four-wheel slicks, you get a sense that the car could be even quicker if it got more power to the ground.

Just in case an 8.65 second quarter-mile, at 165 mph, isn’t impressive enough, consider this: the 16Vampir reaches 62 mph in 2.3 seconds, which is faster than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. In just 5.4 seconds, the car is traveling at 124 mph, while we’re still impressed by anything that can hit 60 mph in that time.

If this video proves nothing else, it proves this: throw enough development and enough money into any car, and you can probably make it fast enough to terrify passengers and competitors alike.