In the first behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Forza Horizon video game from Turn 10 Studios, we saw how the Horizon Festival would be the focal point of the game, centering the racing, drifting, and general hoonage around one setting. This time around, we see more action and learn why Colorado was chosen as that setting.

The answer is simple, and obvious: lots and lots of wide-open roads. Of course, the massive geography and breathtaking panoramas also had something to do with it.

A new feature revealed in the latest video is the Barn Find, which allows players to acquire and restore cars discovered around the Forza Horizon universe.  

While some games throw reality out the window in the name of arcade-style fun, and others are hardly games at all, but more hardcore simulators, we think Forza Horizon will split the difference, with accurate cars and physics models, but with a decided bent toward the wild and illegal in the gameplay.

With the wide-open, expansive environment and huge array of cars, activities, and possibilities for interaction, we're really hoping Horizon lives up to its promise.