Aston Martin is developing a new platform that will underpin all of its next-generation models, starting with the next DB9 due around 2016. There is now some debate within the company as to what name should be used for the new car.

The "DB" part, the initials of David Brown, who owned and ran the company from 1947 to 1972, is expected to remain, but whether a "9" is attached to it or some other number is yet to be decided.

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“It’ll definitely be a DB,” Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman told Autocar. “But what number will follow, that is yet to be decided.”

The most likely scenario would be the car receiving the DB10 title. Autocar reports that Aston Martin has applied for the trademarks DB10 through DB14, securing the naming rights for potential future generations of the car.

What we do know for sure is that the platform the new car rides on will be a modular setup similar to the current VH design but lighter and stiffer. Most of the components are said to be stamped, cast or extruded aluminum. Power, meanwhile, will be supplied by Mercedes-AMG’s new twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8. It’s not clear if a V-12 will also be available.

Stay tuned for an update.


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