Porsche’s original factory museum, opened in 1976, was modest in both location and scope. Situated on a side street in Stuttgart, the facility was only large enough to display some 20 cars at any given time.

In 2009, Porsche opened a new museum in Zuffenhausen, adjacent to its corporate headquarters. While much grander in scope and scale than the original, even the new museum only has room for some 80 exhibits at a given time.

In the past, the challenge was deciding which cars to show and then arranging delivery from one of Porsche’s multiple warehouses. The entire collection of Porsche’s museum consists of some 505 cars, and the German automaker lacked a facility large enough to warehouse them all under one roof.

Until recently, that is. Porsche has acquired a climate-controlled warehouse on the outskirts of Stuttgart that’s large enough to house the entire collection plus allow room for expansion. It’s unlikely, however, that Porsche would ever have all its cars in Stuttgart at any given time, as the automaker uses them in support of events worldwide.

To show off the new home of Porsche’s museum collection, its offering a glimpse behind the curtain in a series of videos posted to its YouTube channel. In the first, we get a teaser of what’s to come, including a look at the very first production 911 Turbo.

A 1973 birthday gift to Louise Piëch, daughter of Ferdinand Porsche, the car was devoid of Turbo badging. Rear windows were tinted, but the windshield and side windows were left in clear glass, as Louise Piëch was an artist who was known to paint landscapes even as she drove (proving that distracted driving isn’t just a recent problem).

Part 2 of the series promises to deliver cars like a convertible 928 prototype, a bulletproof 996 and a 908 campaigned in the Targa Florio. Stay tuned for more, because we certainly will.