One of the biggest concerns for riders is a lack of attention from car and truck drivers who often fail to notice the smaller, two-wheelers out on the roads. It could simply be a car driver merging into another lane occupied by a motorcycle and its rider, entering a road with an oncoming bike, or in the case of this latest video attempting a U-turn when there is an oncoming motorcycle.

After two vehicles successfully complete the U-turn, the driver of a third vehicle attempts to follow them despite a lone motorcycle and its rider approaching. By the time the car driver realizes and stops, it’s too late and the motorcycle crashes into the side of the car, with its driver then flipping over it.

Fortunately, the speed of the motorcycle wasn’t too high. Despite the rider flipping over the car and landing on the other side, he can clearly be seen standing up and walking after the crash.

This video serves as an important reminder to be extra cautious of motorcycles and bikes when out on the road.

Thanks to Harry for sending in the tip!