Perhaps hinting at the scale of its future vehicle development program, Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini has opened a new design center aimed specifically at the development of prototypes and concepts.

The company has revealed little detail about what kind of projects will be developed within, but has mentioned that the building features a miniature assembly line with advanced technical solutions that duplicate the entire range of assembly steps performed on a standard production line.

This mini line will be used to carefully study the steps in assembling pre-production models, so that high standards of quality can be reached during subsequent industrial production.

Importantly, the same line will be used to build limited production models, one of which will be the production version of the stunning Sesto Elemento concept of which Lamborghini plans to build just 20 examples.

Lamborghini is also quick to mention the new facility’s green credentials, stating that it is the first multi-story industrial building in Italy to earn ‘Class A’ energy certification.

The result was achieved by a variety of solutions, some of which include using special heat insulating materials in its construction as well as the addition of a solar-powered electrical system.

During the center’s opening ceremony earlier today, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann also took the opportunity to announce that part of the proceeds from the events celebrating Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary next year will be contributed to help rebuild buildings damaged by the recent earthquakes that devastated the Emiglia Romagna region of Italy.

Lamborghini prototype and concept development center

Lamborghini prototype and concept development center