Racing isn't easy. It's not easy to get into, to stay in, or, even for the talented and well-financed teams, just to keep up with. Sometimes it's not the fierce competition that holds you back, however. Sometimes it's just bad luck.

On the other hand, there are a few doses of good luck in what turned out to be a rough weekend for K-PAX Racing and drivers Randy Pobst and Alex Figge. After all, no one was hurt despite a 120-mph fire for Pobst and a first-lap crash for Figge.

While the video doesn't go into details on what caused Pobst's fire in his racing Volvo S60, the video is dramatic. Something under the hood let go (likely a fuel line or an oil line) and all of a suddent, Pobst is trailing a tail of flames at top speed on the straightaway.

Despite the fire and Figge's crash on the first race day, the second race day ended up with Figge on the podium, salvaging the weekend from utter disappointment, but only just.