Just two weeks after Top Gear thrilled fans at a Top Gear Live show in South Africa by running a specially-built buggy through back-to-back loop-the-loops, Hot Wheels has managed to raise the bar with added spectacle at this weekend’s X Games competition.

Instead of using a lightweight buggy, Hot Wheels ran two specially modified rally cars in a double, simultaneous loop the loop event. The height of the loops, 60 feet, was enough to shatter the previous Guinness Record for the tallest loop-the-loop, set in China by Youngman Lotus Automobile.

According to driver (and Top Gear USA star) Tanner Foust, the stunt was every bit as dangerous as it looked. To keep from blacking out during the 7 g loop, Foust resorted to the old fighter pilot trick of forcing blood to the brain by squeezing his guts as hard as possible.

As if the Double Loop Dare stunt wasn’t enough, Foust and Greg Tracy (the lead driver in the green car) had to retain enough presence of mind to jump their cars after exiting the loop. Both driver’s pulled it off, though we wouldn’t exactly call the landings smooth.

Over a year’s worth of planning (and a whole lot of math) went into this stunt, which we definitely don’t recommend you try at home (even if you have neighbors understanding enough to allow construction of a six-story ramp in the backyard).

On the other hand, Hot Wheels would be more than happy to sell you it’s Double Dare Snare set, on which this stunt was based. It may lack the drama of the life-sized stunt, but no permit is required and you can comfortably set it up in your living room.