Just a couple of weeks after a similar exampled crashed into a motorbike in Italy, another bright orange Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 has crashed, this time in Dubai.

The vehicle, which bears no license plates, was left an exotic car center with the damage you see here.

While it’s uncertain how the crash occurred, the guys at GTSpirit report that the owner was attempting to complete a drift with the car when he lost control of it and crashed into a curb or possibly another vehicle.

While this car is unlikely to be a write-off, the damage appears to be rather severe.

The front axle appears to be completely broken, suggesting there may be some expensive suspension damage, and the front bumper and one of the headlights also appears to be wrecked. Fortunately, it looks as though the rest of the car escaped unscathed, which means the engine and carbon fiber monocoque should be fine.

There’s no word if there were any human injuries, though we’re sure someone must have a bruised ego.