There’s no denying that Carroll Shelby permanently etched his mark on the American landscape with big, bold strokes. Over the course of his career, Shelby worked as everything from a farmer through a Formula One driver, but he was perhaps best known as the mad genius who shoehorned a Ford V-8 into an AC Ace roadster.

You can’t recap the legend of Carroll Shelby in a single hour, so the Velocity Channel is producing a three-part miniseries covering the highlights of Shelby’s extensive career. The episodes are scheduled to air back-to-back, beginning at 8:00 PM Eastern on Sunday, May 20.

Part I covers Shelby’s humble beginnings as a Texas farmer through his career in European sports car racing and his brief time as an F1 driver. The episode concludes with Shelby’s creation of the iconic Shelby Cobra, perhaps the most copied car in automotive history.

Part II covers Shelby’s early ties to the Ford Motor Company and his development work on the Ford Mustang GT350, a car that would be reborn some four decades after the original was created.

Part III, the final installment of the miniseries, covers the Shelby GT500 of the 1960s through the Ford Shelby GT500 currently available at your local Ford dealer. It also talks about Shelby American, which will happily take your already fast GT500 and make it even faster, for a price.

Over the years, Shelby racked up almost as may detractors as fans, but this much is true: the man was an American icon, and his cowboy boots will be awfully hard to fill. We say that alone is worth three hours of your time, so be sure to DVR King Of The Road: Carroll Shelby on the Velocity Channel.