Talk of Porsche launching a second sedan positioned below the Panamera dates back to early 2011. The latest word from Porsche is that adding a seventh model to the lineup makes sense, as it would allow the company to make a major model introduction every year since the typical lifespan of a Porsche is seven years.

“I think a seven-model series would be a good lineup because most cars have a seven-year life cycle,” Porsche CEO Matthias Müller revealed to Autocar. “If we had seven models we could have a major event each year, as well as the variants.”

While we’d love that seventh model to be a new, entry-level sports car, Müller has previously dismissed the idea. As for a second sedan, such a proposal is said to have been already submitted to the management at Porsche’s Volkswagen Group parent.

From a financial perspective, the Panamera has been a huge success for Porsche, as has its Cayenne crossover. The Cayenne’s success has prompted a second Porsche crossover, the Macan, so it stands to reason that a second sedan is also under consideration.

Such a model would compete nicely with the Maserati Ghibli as well as high-end sedans from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and together with the Macan could see Porsche double its sales to around 300,000 units annually.

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