Visor & Sport Clutch by Platinum Dirt

Visor & Sport Clutch by Platinum Dirt

Still deciding on what to give Mom this Mother’s Day? 

Consider a clutch that came from a junkyard.

But before you try sticking a bow on a greasy old pressure plate, there are a few things you should know.

The whole idea came from Bring a Trailer, which recently posted about the products of Platinum Dirt.

Like many of us, Platinum's founder Dustin Page is no stranger to salvage yards. What he hauls back to his Oakland, California shop include hood ornaments, upholstery and vehicle identification number (VIN) tags.

There, bits from the likes of BMW, Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo get new leases on life. Platinum Dirt doesn’t use the reclaimed material in automotive restoration, though; think fashion transformation instead.

VIN Jackets, among the company’s best-known creations, are sewn from the donor cars’ reclaimed seat leather. The hood ornament is repurposed on the zipper pull, and the VIN plate is affixed for all to see.

Shark Bags are triangular takes on conventional purses, giving the three-sided bags their namesake shape. They work as purses or carried as backpacks, and again include the reclaimed seat leather and car emblem.

And we didn’t forget the clutches--the clutch purses. They’re known as Visor & Sport Clutches due to the inspirational design source in their all-reclaimed leather construction.  We hope that contextual clarification helps.

Platinum Dirt constructs other accessories, and they do accept online and custom orders.

So this Mother’s Day, will it be another bouquet of quickly-withering flowers, or a thoughtful and unique accessory from a creative genius?  If your Mom taught you anything, the choice will be easy.

VIN Jacket by Platinum Dirt

VIN Jacket by Platinum Dirt