Let’s be perfectly clear about something: Las Vegas exists to separate you from your money as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the possible exception of games of skill, winning a jackpot is as likely as being simultaneously struck by lightening, attacked by a polar bear and swarmed by killer bees.

Your odds of winning a six-figure-value prize by playing penny slots aren’t even that good, which could make MaryEllen Cobb of West Nyack, New York, the luckiest person on the planet.

Cobb, as Wheels explains, won a Tesla Roadster Sport with a retail value of some $150,000 by playing penny slots at the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino. On a letter carrier’s salary, such a high-end vehicle, electric or not, is the stuff dreams are made of.

Or maybe not. For Cobb, reality began to set in when casino employees handed her a W2-G form from the IRS. The car is taxable income, and Cobb’s exact tax bill for the coming year has yet to be calculated. Cobb asked the casino if a cash payout was an alternative to the Tesla, but was told told that the prize was the car, not any cash.

In her own words, Cobb proclaims, “I’m a big woman,” and admits to being able to drive the car only with the top off. Worse, she has no garage of her own to keep the Tesla in, requiring her to store her new prize elsewhere, presumably with a power supply.

Obstacles aside, Cobb would like to keep the car if she can afford to. Should she change her mind, or should the tax bill be a bit too lofty, we’re sure she’ll have no trouble finding a buyer for a lightly used 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport, even in West Nyack, New York.