Well, that was quick. Just a handful of weeks after its launch in Japan, the GT 86 has already been gutted and fitted with a Lexus IS F V-8 engine for use in D1 Grand Prix drift events by Manabu "Max" Orido's team.

It's a classic idea, shoving a big V-8 in a small, light car, but that's not the draw here. It's how quickly it was done, and to (what appear to be) very good results.

The video, brought to our attention by Lexus Enthusiast, says it all, right down to the unfinished paintwork on the exterior and the fantastically-fitted V8 under the hood. The sound of the 5.0-liter engine screaming its way around course as all four tires complain loudly is a kind of music we'd never expected of the Toyobaru, but we're glad it was made.