The latest version of Mercedes-Benz’s iconic roadster, the SL, comes packed full of all the best the German automaker has to offer. In addition to the quality of materials that you’d expect in a Mercedes-Benz, the SL comes with a near-dizzying array of standard and available features.

To boost fuel efficiency, the car has gone on a crash diet, with a new aluminum body shaving 242 pounds off of the previous SL’s steel body. In fact, some models are as much as 308 pounds lighter than the equivalent version from the last generation.

There’s an ECO Stop/Start system too, that shuts down the SL550’s twin-turbo V-8 at a stop to further save gas. The all-new seven-speed automatic transmission further helps to maximize fuel efficiency when the car is in motion.

Distronic Plus adaptive cruise control not only ensures that you’re following traffic at a safe distance, but will also warn you if you’re closing on slow traffic at too high a speed.

Drift out of your lane, and Active Lane Keeping Assist steps in to gently correct your inattention, while Active Body Control ensures that the SL combines both comfort and handling in equal measure.

The car will even give you up-to-the-minute weather information, so you can deploy the Magic Sky Control roof before the rain sets in. In fact, about the only thing the new SL can’t do is distinguish between a “66” and a “99” in a hand-written note, which could be significant if your career involves attending the occasional building demolition.