2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder

2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder

While many of its rivals go the turbocharging route in order to boost performance without any detriment to fuel efficiency, Lamborghini has decided to go against doing the same with its models, at least until the end of this decade.

The information was revealed by Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann, who spoke recently with Autocar.

“For the time being it will not happen,” he said. “For this decade, I don’t see it happening in the super sport car business--although I would also caution against saying it could never happen.”

Keeping the door open for a potential turbocharged model from Lamborghini will allow the automaker to be prepared should environmental regulations become stricter, which they almost certainly will in the longer term.

So while we may not see a turbocharged engine installed in the next-generation Gallardo, which Winkelmann said is due in about two years time, any model launched after it may feature one.

Of course, Lamborghini has previously announced that it was looking into hybrid technology, and Winkelmann has stated in the past that he can imagine Lamborghini models adopting a small electric motor in conjunction with gasoline power by the middle of this decade. So perhaps we could see a naturally-aspirated engine, albeit one with hybrid technology attached, feature in Lamborghinis for many more years to come.