Patrick Long has every car guy’s dream job: Porsche pays him, presumably very well, to race it’s cars. That’s a rare enough honor on its own, but here's something that makes it even more unusual: Patrick Long is an American.

American drivers don’t get a lot of opportunities to race directly for European manufacturers, so it’s safe to assume that Long is fast. In fact, he’s very fast, as evidenced by the videos above and below.

Stepping into a 2010 Grand-Am spec Porsche GT3 Cup car, Long set a track record on his very first time behind the wheel at Monticello Motor Club’s 3.6 mile road course. While these videos (found on Hooniverse) date back to 2010, they’re new to us and well worth 15 minutes of your time.

The first video gives your traditional in-cockpit view of Long at work, proving further that the guy isn’t just fast, he’s scary-fast. The video below is a rather unconventional view, starring the front left tire and wheel.

You probably want to turn down the sound before you kick the lower video off, since the wind, gravel and marble noise gets pretty loud. It’s amazing to see that someone as smooth as Long is continually making subtle steering corrections, something you can't really see from an in-cockpit view of the lap.

After watching these videos, it's clear to us why Long gets a check from Porsche to race its cars, and why we get a check to write about it.