Bugatti Veyron at drag strip in Florida

Bugatti Veyron at drag strip in Florida

Remember last week’s video of a Bugatti Veyron leaving a mildly tuned Nissan GT-R in the dust at a drag strip in Florida?

Well, here’s two new videos of the night, filmed from directly beside the Veyron as it lights up its wheels and heads down the strip.

We even get a few words from the car's owner as he plays around with some of the launch control settings.

As you’ll recall from the original video posted last week, the Veyron driver initially has some trouble engaging the supercar’s launch control and can ‘only’ muster a 12-second pass at 137 mph without the aid of advanced electronics.

However, once sorted, the Veyron puts down a breathtaking 10.1-second pass at 139 mph, which amazingly is 0.1 of a second faster than Bugatti’s official quarter mile figure for the Veyron. To put that pace in perspective, it takes the Ferrari Enzo around 11 seconds to achieve the same feat; the McLaren F1 around 11.5 seconds; and the Lexus LFA around 11.8 seconds.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the accompanying Nissan GT-R was only modified with a mid-pipe and tune yet managed a 10.9-second pass at 125 mph.

Thanks to the guys from That Racing Channel for bringing us the latest clips.