Crafting unique high-end furnishings for wealthy clients means pushing the boundaries of design. Anyone with a large enough bank account can purchase Formula 1 cars transformed into art, and even those with more modest incomes can buy a Bentley Mulsane engine block coffee table.

To create truly exceptional automotive living room art requires thinking outside the box, or in this case, thinking about the contents of the box. French artist Charly Molinelli was approached by a client of rarefied tastes, who wanted something unique for his living room.

That unique piece turned out to be a crashed Ferrari, reclaimed from the salvage yard in cubed form. In keeping with the coffee table’s recycled theme, even the wood used to crate the crushed Ferrari was second hand. Art, it seems, is all about keeping it real. reports that the customer had to approve the crushed Ferrari before it was turned into table form, and rumor has it the selling price was in the neighborhood of $15,600. On the one hand, you can’t even buy a running Ferrari 308 for that kind of money, and maintenance costs for the table should be remarkably low by Ferrari standards.

On the other hand, you won’t impress anyone on the street with your Ferrari, even if you do show them pictures. It’s not our taste, but we’d certainly admit it’s an unusual conversation piece.