It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since Gran Turismo 5 was launched to an expectant audience, following years in development.

That year seems to have flown by but it was only recently that the first proper downloadable content pack was released on PlayStation Network to give players extra cars, tracks and other goodies.

Gamers could expect to see this becoming a more frequent occurrance, according to creator Kazunori Yamauchi in an interview with IGN at SEMA.

There have been 15 separate updates to GT5 since release, many fixing little bugs here and there and others improving the playing experience. Now, more content is planned. "I think that will include cars and trucks that we'll be releasing maybe once every two months or so from here on out", explains Kazunori-san.

He's taking feedback seriously and several changes implemented recently were as a result of listening to the fans, so the extra content could be decided along the same lines.

Other than the new content news, Kazunori-san expressed his pleasure at drivers such as Bryan Heitkotter becoming a proper racing driver after winning the North American GT Academy, joining winners from previous GT Academies across the world.

"It's really a big dream come true for myself, actually. When I created the first Gran Turismo I knew that one day a driver that learned how to drive on Gran Turismo would become a racecar driver. And it really did come true".