Motorsports’ main sanctioning body, the FIA (Federation Internationale De L'Automobile), is serious about launching a new Formula E category for zero-emission electric race cars and has even issued a call for “Expressions of Interest” in just such a series being developed.

In response we’ve seen a number of companies come out of the woodwork to submit proposals for a new Formula E spec race car, the most recent being the E-11 electric race car prototype from Italy’s FondTech.

Now America’s own KleenSpeed, the maker of electric scooters and golf karts, has submitted a proposal based on its EV-X11 electric race car prototype. While most of the specs are being kept secret, we do know that the prototype recently set a new lap record for an electric car at California’s Laguna Seca race track, taking just 1:38.858.

The FIA is still in the concept and formulation stage regarding an electric car formula-based racing series, though competition may start as early as 2012 as the candidacy process for competing in the series will end this December. For more information on the FIA’s plans for Formula E, click here.