2012 Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus Edition

2012 Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus Edition

As we've said before, the 2012 Ferrari FF isn't for everyone.

But that's just swell, as the latest Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus edition isn’t, either. 

It’s for 10.

In keeping with holiday tradition, the retailer to the rich parked a limited-run car among the “Fantasy Gifts” in its latest Christmas Book. 

This season, it’s Maranello’s all-wheel drive four-seat grand tourer, and they’re only offering 10 examples at $395,000 a piece, as mentioned by the duPont Registry.

So what do you get over a $300,000 garden-variety FF besides serious exclusivity? An interior plaque confirming its status, complemented by unique Grigio Caldo paint that’s quite striking. As a bonus, you’ll experience V-12s and snow, together at last. They’ll save you a spot at the 2012 Ferrari Winter Driving Experience in Aspen.

And just about the time snow is melting in spring, 2012, your car will be delivered. No two-year delay like other FF owners-in-waiting, which alone is worth the price premium to serious Ferrari fans.

If you’re one of them, you’ll want to clear your calendar on Thursday, October 27. At noon Eastern, you can place your order at 800-558-0022. Again, with just 10 of the 2012 Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus edition cars available, remember the radio contest call to action: dial carefully and good luck. Only in this case, the phrase that pays will be your account number.