Crashing a car is never a fun experience. It's even less so when that car is a Ferrari Enzo. The horror is compounded when it's all caught on tape. But Zahir Rana handles the situation with grace.

With grace and the affability that can only come from being able to easily afford another--at one point in the video, Rana simply says, "We'll get an FXX!" as he looks at his waterlogged custom Enzo, which he crashed off the road into the ocean at this year's running of the Targa Newfoundland.

No one was hurt, and as Roland Linder, the navigator of the car and Rana's instructor, put it, it was "just a boo-boo. I don't think much about it."

Check out the video for the full explanation of what happened and the state of the car.

[ZR Autos via Patrick Weir's YouTube]