From the male perspective, buying potpourri makes no sense at all. After all, it consists of leaves, wood shavings, sticks and other bits of detritus most often found in compost heaps, and to our delicate olfactory senses it doesn’t even smell good.

Sure, the label may read “Summer Beach Breeze,” but all we smell is an overly sweet perfume that makes our eyes water. On the other hand, if some mad genius ever invented  “manpourri,” that smelled of race gas, brake dust, burning rubber and other racetrack aromas, we’d buy it in ten-pound bags and case lots.

BMW has created the next best thing, but the bad news is you can’t get the stuff unless you’re a PGA Tour pro golfer. In an effort to market its M Series automobiles to pro golfers, BMW is offering test drives at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL, tied to two local PGA Tour events. As part of the promotion, BMW is supplying a sample of M Series 15w-50 spray cologne.

Crafted by The Shave Den in Bedford, VA, the cologne is said to “capture the essence of the race track,” complete with notes of burning rubber, fuel and motor oil. While it won’t do a thing to attract the opposite sex, we’re pretty sure we’d buy the stuff in 55 gallon drums anyway.

BMW’s ad campaign also includes in-hotel (and in-room) floor graphics promoting its test drive program for PGA Tour pros. We’re not sure that its helped generate sales of M Series cars, but we’re absolutely certain that BMW is missing a business opportunity in its showrooms. We say sell the 15w-50 cologne, and the M Series buyers will come.

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