Are you looking for a Lamborghini you can use everyday?

One that, while not inexpensive, doesn’t cost the equivalent of a three bedroom house and can be parked almost anywhere?

Good news, then--Lamborghini is launching a line of carbon-fiber luggage, sure to reduce your lap times between car and office.

Designed by Lamborghini and manufactured in Italy, the collection will consist of an overnight bag, a messenger bag (perfect to carry your Asus Lamborghini laptop in) and an envelope bag. All are made from non-resin-impregnated carbon-fiber cloth, lined with cotton and trimmed in leather and brass.

The bags are innovative, and represent the first use of “raw” carbon fiber cloth to create travel and fashion accessories. Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann called the range “an absolutely unprecedented use of carbon fiber” that blends the innovation found in their cars with the world of fashion.

The collection goes on sale this fall, at Lamborghini boutiques in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Melbourne, Berlin, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Chong Qing and Shantou. If you’re not close to any of these world cities, any of the 120 Lamborghini dealerships worldwide should also have the bags on display, or you can order them online at the Lamborghini Store.

If you guessed that innovation comes at a price, you’d be correct. Based on current exchange rates, the overnight bag will sell for $2,063, the messenger bag for $1,494 and the envelope bag for $1,209. No one ever said that cutting-edge fashion was affordable.