Just ten years after the restart of production, MINI has assembled the two-millionth car at its Oxford plant in the UK.

The particular car was a MINI Cooper Convertible, painted in a special White Silver metallic with a blue denim roof, and fitted with bespoke components both inside and out.

To put that in perspective, it took Volkswagen from 1937 to 1957 to build two million Beetles, although civilian automobile production was halted due to Germany's involvement in World War II.

To commemorate the event, the car was driven off the production line by British Prime Minister David Cameron, who called MINI, “a fantastic symbol of the UK’s strength in the global automotive industry” and “a great British manufacturing success story."

Of the two million cars produced, approximately 1.5 million have been exported to dealers in over 90 countries. The top five export markets are the U.S., Germany, France, China and Italy, and if you parked two million MINIs bumper to bumper, they’d stretch from the Oxford plant all the way to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

If you’d like to add the two-millionth MINI to your garage, it’s up for grabs. No amount of money can buy the car, which will be awarded to the lucky winner of MINI’s Facebook campaign called “Two Million MINIs - Two Million Faces.” Entering is as simple as adding your picture to their Facebook wall, and agreeing to MINI’s terms and conditions.

We’d call that a few minutes well-spent for the chance to win a free (and highly collectible) MINI.