Cadillac is pretty eager to talk about its all-new Ciel.

After debuting the striking concept last week, GM design boss Ed Wellburn took Jay Leno on an intimate tour.

Cadillac has now released some video of other design minds talking about the grand tourer.

Designed to deliver the elegance and touring comfort of a classic convertible with the convenience and design of modern day, the Ciel is Cadillac's tribute to the California coast.

Its name translates to 'sky,' something you'll see a lot of driving a convertible on the sunny Pacific coastline, and its deep red color is called Cabernet as a nod to the nectar that pours freely in Golden State nooks like Napa Valley.

The concept offers a long, draw-out design with a wheelbase about a foot longer than that of the CTS sedan. It's powered by a twin-turbo 3.6-liter V-6 with a hybrid transmission that provides some low-speed, all-electric driving capability.

The interior provides warm, luxurious touches like solid-block wood trim, pull-out cashmere blankets for passengers and a rear-seat cigar humidor. The car also has technologies like an inductive phone charging station and electric-opening doors.

If Cadillac does build a flagship, it should take some serious inspiration from (if not just slap a production sticker on) the Ciel.

The video begins with some panning around the scene of inspiration before design director Clay Dean, exterior design manager Niki Smart and interior design manager Gael Buzyn provide their thoughts on the concept.

Watch the video below and check out our original coverage for more details.