Next year is the Chinese year of the Dragon, a very important year on the Chinese Zodiac, and with China being so important for Rolls-Royce these days, the British automaker has decided to build a special edition range of Phantom sedans called the “Year of the Dragon Collection”.

Inspired by the mythical creature that is so revered in China, the Year of the Dragon Collection has been developed by Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke division and features a number of unique details.

For the exterior, there is a twin coachline with a dragon, in gold color, hand-painted to the side of each car. The design of the dragon was inspired by the Forbidden City in Beijing and always faces forward to ensure the symmetry of both sides.

Moving inside, more dragons are found on the headrests, all hand-embroidered using a combination of four thread colors. Additionally, a dragon inlay is featured on the passenger panel of every car in this unique collection.

In each of the door sills is an illuminated treadplate with “Year of the Dragon 2012” highlighted in LEDs, and up back are two hand-stitched cushions for the rear passengers, specified with embroidered double R-R logos.

Finally, the Phantom model name is also applied in gold on some of the interior panels.

As mentioned, the Year of the Dragon Collection Rolls-Royce Phantoms were all customized by the automaker’s in-house Bespoke division, which was recently expanded to accommodate the vast number of customized orders being received.