Hexis AMR Aston Martin GT3 DBRS9

Hexis AMR Aston Martin GT3 DBRS9

It's not often that a manufacturer runs more than one class in a given race, but Aston Martin is going all-out with six Aston Martins across four teams that will race in four classes--all of the classes offered--at the upcoming Spa 24 Hours this weekend.

The cars include two GT3 DBRS9s in the Pro-Cup category, two DBRS9s in Pro-Am, and a fifth DBRS9 in Gentleman Trophy. The sixth Aston racing is a V8 Vantage that will run in GT4.

Hexis AMR, GPR AMR, Ecurie Ecosse, and Speed Lover are the four teams putting on the Aston-heavy effort, each vying to take the win in their respective classes.

Unfortunately for American endurance racing fans, the 24 Hours of Spa won't be broadcast live in the U.S., but you can catch streaming video online at the official site below (likely in French, though) and at Audi.tv.

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