For gearheads, Batman is clearly the best superhero.

It's nothing to do with the cape, nor having the appearance and skills of a nocturnal flying creature, oh no - it's because his favourite method of transportation has always been a cool car. From a modified Lincoln Futura concept car in the cheesy TV series through to the tank-like vehicle in the Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne's alter ego knows how to rock up in style.

One Batman fan wanted to do the same, but to him a wolf in sheep's clothing powered by a regular internal combustion engine would never do. That's why Casey Putsch equipped his Batmobile replica with a Boeing turboshaft engine - no fake flamethrower required here.

The engine originated from a naval drone helicopter and Casey claims his Batmobile is a true one off. We'd be inclined to agree, as not even the movie studios had the dedication to fit a real turbine engine in their Batmobiles. As an auto restoration expert, Casey would only settle for the real deal. It's worth it for the sound alone...

As if the aero power wasn't enough, the interior is a feast of tech too, with an Apple iPad used to control the engine's parameters and acts as a GPS system.

It might not be quite as eco-friendly as Gordon Murray's next-generation Batmobile concept but Casey's car is certainly making us green with envy. Check out the video below and you will be, too.

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