The Circuit of the Americas track being built in Austin has already landed a deal with MotoGP and Formula 1, and now it adds a five-year contract with Australian V8 Supercars to the mix. We cannot wait.

If you're not familiar with Australia's version of road course stock car racing, you should be--one of the series' top drivers regularly races the roundy-round stuff here in America: Marcos Ambrose. But beside that factoid, it's simply awesome.

The formula is simple: take a domestic (Aussie) sedan, fit a 5.0-liter race-prepped V-8 good for about 650 horsepower under the hood, send the power to the rear wheels, and bash it out until someone wins. The competition, passing, and crashes are all as engaging as NASCAR, but with the added thrill (for some of us) of a road course setting.

The Circuit of the Americas will host two races each year, 124 miles in lengh (that's 200 kilometers, if you're wondering where the funky figure comes from) and should run through 2018. The races will be televised on Speed TV.


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