Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton and NASCAR hero Tony Stewart recently swapped race cars for a promotional event at the 2011 Watkins Glen International in New York, and we now have a video of the duo on the special day. Hamilton hopped into Stewart's 850 horsepower, 3,400 pound Chevrolet Impala NASCAR Cup car, while Stewart squeezed into the tiny cockpit of Hamilton’s 760 horsepower, 1,411 pound McLaren F1 car.

Obviously, the two weren’t going to be driving the cars too hard as this was only an exhibition event (it didn’t help that it was also raining on the day), but it’s still interesting to see these two drivers, from very different ends of the motorsport spectrum, come together.

So what did they think of each other’s ride? Speaking of the Cup car, Hamilton said it "handles really well. It's absolutely fantastic."

Stewart commented about the F1 car’s downforce, saying he's familiar with downforce from his previous IndyCar experience, but "not this level of downforce." He went on to say, "I think, probably, the thing that stood out the most was how incredibly efficient and good the brakes are, how far you can go."