It's time to take a short break from car talk to bring you this update about the upgraded, much-improved comment system we're launching today. With a bounty of new features, our comment system now lets you interact more easily and more completely with both your fellow commenters and with us, the editors of MotorAuthority.

Whether you're for or against us, or for or against another commenter, there's a new +1/-1 system that lets you vote comments up in rank or down to the bottom, making it clearer which voices resonate with the group--and which clash. Some of our other new features include:

  • Quicker, simpler login lets you sign in and get started, with your choice of either a High Gear Media profile or your Facebook login.
  • Captcha is gone! Hooray!
  • Comments will travel through the tubes more swiftly, reaching the live site in less time
  • Comment threading is now enabled. You can reply directly to another comment, and it will be tucked in beneath it in a simple tree hierarchy. No more chasing down replies and answers.
  • Tickboxes below the comment area let you share your opinion straight to Facebook, Twitter, or both.
  • Sortable comments let you evaluate the discussion in new ways:  by the number of votes for a comment, or by order (or reverse order) of posting.

Rest assured that this isn't all. We have more on the way, including new log-in methods, more sharing capability, and e-mail notifications, so stay tuned for updates in the near future.

Let us know what you think about the new features. Remember our Terms of Service and get down there and speak up!