Anyone into racing video games should own a steering wheel controller. The extra dimension it adds to any racer over a traditional joypad hugely improves the gaming experience.

As with any peripheral device though, gaming wheels usually require several wires to be trailed across your living room carpet. They're a nuisance to deal with and there's always a slight risk you'll catch your toe on them at some point and bring several hundred dollars of electrical equipment crashing to the floor.

Microsoft XBox 360 racing fans should worry no more, as a new wireless wheel is due in October that should be perfect for Forza 4's imminent release.

It might look more like the handles on a piece of gymnasium equipment than a racing game peripheral but you'll benefit from a distinct lack of wires and backwards-functionality with previous Xbox 360 racing games, though Microsoft does warn that some titles may work with limited functionality.

Unlike the plastic wheel attachment for the Nintendo Wii controller, the new Microsoft wheel isn't wireless and should attach to a surface of your choice.

It's due in October and will be priced at a more than reasonable $60.