If you were to set out to design a vehicle, you might not choose a frog as your source of inspiration. Sure, we've heard of the old Austin-Healey "Frogeye" Sprite from the 1960s, but that was more of an affectionate nickname due to a coincidental likeness than through any design inspiration.

Tell that to Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks though, which lists the poison dart frog as part of the inspiration behind its Unimog Concept, a line of heavy-duty vehicles celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

The current Unimog is no oil painting, but the new one displays a distinctly Kermit-like color scheme. The open pickup body evokes the original 1951 Unimog and the huge tires and high ground clearance is a continuation of the Unimog's go-anywhere nature. The concept sits on the current Unimog U500's platform and Mercedes has made a feature of the heavy-duty coil springs by painting them bright red.

Mercedes-Benz says that some details from the Concept should make it onto future commercial vehicles.

Ugly as sin it might well be, but the concept points to a bright future for the Unimog, which after 60 years and 26 product ranges still continues to serve demanding customers like few other vehicles on sale.