• ZMP RoboCar MEV-C automated vehicle

    Some cars are beautiful. Others are fast. Some others are incredibly practical. Some other cars are none of these things, but their importance isn't in their looks, speed or usability but the technological advancements they'll offer to the car industry as a whole. The RoboCar MEV-C is one of these cars. Built by Japanese robotics company ZMP it's the antithesis of everything gearheads love about cars. Under that sub-golf cart shiny plastic exterior, cyclops-like single headlight and highly suspect $35,000 price tag lurks some serious autonomous vehicle technology. We've looked at ZMP's...

  • Microsoft XBox 360 wireless steering wheel
    Microsoft Goes Wireless For Next XBox 360 Steering Wheel

    Anyone into racing video games should own a steering wheel controller. The extra dimension it adds to any racer over a traditional joypad hugely improves the gaming experience. As with any peripheral device though, gaming wheels usually require several wires to be trailed across your living room...

  • 2009 BMW 3-Series
    Key Of The Future From BMW, The Credit Card Car Key

    Your average car key has a limited range of functions. Even when giving it an ostentatious name like Aston Martin's "Emotion Control Unit" and constructing it from glass, it's essentially there to allow you to enter your vehicle, and turn it on. BMW could be about to change that though. Using a...

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