Apple Store smash and no grab, Greensboro, NC

Apple Store smash and no grab, Greensboro, NC

Like you, we're fed up with waiting on Apple to put out, whether it's the white iPhone 4 or any iPad 2. Or maybe a Genius Bar waitron who doesn't give you the idiot look when you don't "live" TCP/IP protocols.

The dude in the Honda Accord above obviously couldn't wait for Apple to get its act together either. Seeking free hardware--or so the local cops think--the perp smashed his car into the Greensboro, N.C., Apple store ("at the Friendly Center") in the hopes of jacking some product. Clearly, he does not get the concierge concept, and clearly he does not have a Genius Bar appointment.

Important detail: the suspect is said to have worn a white ninja-style outfit to cloak his identity. We're sure there's some anti-China political statement wrapped deep in that, but who knows? Maybe he just finished karate class at 6 a.m., when the break-in occurred.

Sad to say, the store's closed until they can find some maintenance person to sweep up the glass, ensure a safe workplace, and maybe to re-stack all those unsold MobileMe boxes.

[1075 KZL via TUAW]