Lotus Exige crashes on the Nurburgring

Lotus Exige crashes on the Nurburgring

One look at the image above says it all. The driver of this Lotus Exige is probably not in the best of moods despite having survived a potentially life threatening crash on the notorious Nurburgring, a track often nicknamed the ‘Green Hell’.

This latest video, which shows the before and after of the actual crash, illustrates just how deceptively dangerous the legendary race track can be. What seems like a bright sunny day at the ‘Ring, with little traffic and just a gentle curve to negotiate, turns out to be dreadful for this driver.

Traveling at speeds of around 100 mph, it is believed the driver encountered some oil on the track and thus loses control of his vehicle. The Lotus Exige then slides for some distance before violently crashing into a guardrail and setting off the airbags.

Fortunately for this driver of a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, a crash at the Nurburgring was avoided when he spun out of control.


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