We already know that the upcoming ATS will feature a four-cylinder engine but this will be just the start of Cadillac’s new four-cylinder onslaught as the downsized engines are also destined to appear in the XTS range and possibly even the next-generation CTS. This will be in stark contrast to Cadillac’s current lineup, which is dominated by V-6 and V-8 powerplants.

The new four-cylinder engines won’t be like the wheezy lumps of metal of yesteryear. Instead, they will be based on GM’s latest Ecotec four-cylinder engine design and output in the range of 220 to 260 horsepower thanks to the addition of direct injection and turbocharging technologies.

Hybrid and even plug-in hybrid variations are also possible down the track as previewed by last year’s XTS Platinum Concept, although this particular concept featured a V-6 engine in its plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

The good news is that if luxury buyers are happy with the performance of the new four-cylinder Cadillacs, the downsized engines may also appear in the SRX and the aforementioned next-generation CTS.

The latest news is not so surprising given the fact that Cadillac’s luxury rivals Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz either already offer four-cylinder options in the U.S. or are planning to in the very near future.

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