If you're unfamiliar with Alex Roy, or his book, The Driver, you should remedy that deficiency ASAP. He's a bit of a legend and certainly a personality, and his exploits are the stuff of many a gearhead's dreams. But soon you'll be able to emulate his particular brand of insanity without all the risk, hard work, or time, thanks to Need For Speed: The Run. Or at least as near to emulation as you're likely to come.

What is it? It's a new game, likely built on the same underpinnings as Shift 2 Unleashed, that puts you in the driver's seat of a flat-out cross-country run, cops in tow, with nothing but the goal to guide you. Looks like a lot of fun, and thanks to its outlandish premise, probably even more fun than a hardcore sim.

More information is coming tomorrow, but if you're already hooked, too bad--you'll have to wait until November 15 for the game's release. Until then, check out the teaser video below.