Audi’s next-generation A3 is scheduled to hit showrooms in the second half of next year, in both sedan and hatchback bodystyles, and depending on which market you live in, you may eventually be able to opt from up to six different powertrain types when selecting your model.

No, we’re not talking about six different engine options. We’re talking six different powertrain types: regular gasoline and turbodiesel models, compressed natural gas models, gasoline-electric hybrids and plug-in hybrids, and finally a battery-powered electric model.

Not only that, but the new A3 will also be offered in four different bodystyles: three- and five-door hatchbacks, a sedan and cabrio.

The information was revealed by Audi engineering chief Michael Dick. He said the first models will be the regular TDI turbodiesels and TFSI gasoline powered cars, most of which will offer 20 percent fuel economy gains over the comparable outgoing model thanks to engine stop-start technology and brake energy regeneration.

The others would be launched slowly in the years following the initial launch of the new-generation Audi A3, including the battery-powered electric model, which will pick up the 'e-tron' label and has already been previewed as a prototype.  

Look out for a world debut of the new A3 at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show this September. In the meantime, check out this previous story for more info on the car.

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