Adam Carolla is, for those few of you who don't know, a real car guy. He actually does stuff with cars that's not sales-related. Dan Neil is the only automotive journo to win a Pulitzer. Both of them will be on a new TV program called simply , and it will air on SPEED TV according to the latest report.

The news, which comes by way of Autoblog, says the series has been picked up for a 13-episode first season, with an option for 13 more. Production is to get underway pronto, with the first episode set to debut in July.

Joining Carolla and Neil on the show will be one of our favorite web personalities, Matt Farah, and former NBA player John Salley. Farah currently hosts his own web video series called The Smoking Tire. Carolla was one of the members of the original Top Gear USA pilot cast.

Look for more news on the matter once SPEED releases some official info.