McLaren SLR wreckage left by drunk driver

McLaren SLR wreckage left by drunk driver

Just a day after reporting on this very sorry looking Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which was probably left that way by a drunk driver behind the wheel, comes a new story of an ever more exotic supercar, this time with its drunk driver caught in the act.

The latest crashed supercar is a McLaren SLR owned by Italian socialite Roberto Parli.

While the crash is still being investigated, it is believed an intoxicated Parli side-swiped another car on a highway in Switzerland this past week, causing his car to lose its front right wheel. Parli is then alleged to have kept on driving, hitting another vehicle and losing its left front wheel.

Still determined to reach his destination, Parli allegedly kept on but eventually stopped due to the warnings of other motorists as well as fire coming from under the SLR’s long hood.

After exiting the vehicle Parli reportedly yelled: "I'm a millionaire, I'll pay for everything I don't care," at the scene.

We at least hope he’s a millionaire as insurers will almost certainly void paying the claim on this accident if it’s proven true that alcohol was involved. Sadly, it also means that we can scratch one more McLaren SLR off the face of the planet.

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