Rumors are spreading on a number of topics today, the latest being Jaguar's planned model revision/addition scheme over the next 12 years. While we take such far-reaching prognostication with a heaping spoonful of salt, it's an interesting bit of speculation.

Why doubt the roadmap? Because so much can--and will--change over the next 1.2 decades. Everything from fuel economy to emissions to fuel supply and technological breakthroughs can change the direction we think things are moving now.

All of that said, here's the rumored plan for Jaguar's lineup over the next 12 years. We'll let you judge for yourself about the post-2015 bits, but those before look reasonable enough.

Late 2011 XK facelift
Mid 2012 XF wagon and facelift
Late 2012 XE sports car
Early 2013 XJ facelift
Late 2013 New XK
Mid 2014 New compact sedan
Late 2014 New crossover
Mid 2015 New XF
2017 XJ coupe
2018 Third-generation XJ
2020 Second-generation XE
2023 Third-generation XK