Porsche lust cannot be contained by the mere lack of ability to buy one. Cash-strapped enthusiasts will resort to many means to obtain the object of their desire: Toy cars, posters, a jacket with the crest emblazoned on the chest, and so forth. But this is the first time I've ever seen someone actually make a 911 out of PVC tubing.

From Inhabitat (via Huffington Post) comes the tale of this enterprising do-it-yourselfer who wanted a gold-covered 911 GT3 RS, but couldn't quite swing it. So he made a template, broke out unknown lengths of PVC and duct tape, and built one for himself. No, it doesn't have the famous flat six hanging over the rear wheels, but is instead pedal powered, using a recumbent quadricycle as its base.

The two-seat creation looks pretty good…from several feet back. Get closer and wrinkles in the gold foil are hard to overlook, and the skinny bike tires ruin the illusion as soon as…kidding. Seriously, it looks pretty awesome, and it's probably way better than any PVC pedal Porsche that you've ever built. If not, let me know. Otherwise, nicely done anonymous DIY king. Check out the Inhabitat link for a full gallery of the build.