2011 Chrysler 200 S Mopar

2011 Chrysler 200 S Mopar

Chrysler has a major problem on its hands. Despite a range of new and exciting models in the pipeline, there’s one glaring issue the automaker needs to address if it’s to become as successful as some of its rivals.

The average buyer age for a Chrysler-branded model is 62 years. Compound this with the added dilemma of having just three models in its lineup and you start to realize just how serious a problem Chrysler has on its hands.

Chrysler’s immediate solution is to launch a new range of products to attract younger buyers to the brand and hopefully boost sales. The new products will be grouped under the ‘S’ heading and will consist of edgy custom modifications to cars that a younger generation of buyers will find appealing.

We already got a preview of a Chrysler 200 S model at the recent 2011 Detroit Auto Show, which showcased new options such as blacked-out grilles, brightly colored leather trim and carbon fiber accessories.

The next model to get the S treatment will be the new 2011 Chrysler 300. Importantly the S option will be available on all trim levels and could eventually lead to even more possibilities for customization such as wheels and bodykits.

The first Chrysler S products are scheduled to go on sale this spring.

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