Some weeks, it's like Hollywood has gone into hibernation -- there's nothing going on, not even a LiLo drunkfest, which basically means that everyone's either in rehab or on vacation. (Or both.) Other weeks, every administrative assistant ever voted off a reality show is simultaneously pulled over for speeding, possession, and public nudity.

This has been one of the latter weeks. In addition to the stories we've brought you in detail, here are nine other celeb car items that we haven't even had time to ponder, much less post:

The trailer for Transformers 3 is out!  Chances are good that the final product will be the worst, most nonsensical thing we've seen since Jaws 3 or Godfather 3 or possibly The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, which was so awful no one could stomach #3. But that's just us being optimistic.

Beyonce bought hubby Jay-Z a Bugatti Veyron for his birthday! Which was so thoughtful because you know how shy rappers are about spending money on themselves.

George Clooney has been dragged into the movie that won't die! There have been rumors about a DeLorean movie for some time -- in fact, we have it on good authority that there are three in the works. Now, the Cloonster has been sucked into the fiasco. Or snorted, as the case may be.

Maybach gets desperate! The luxury brand's sales may be in the ditch, but its marketing team is hoping that hot air from sculptor/director/artful slob Julian Schnabel can keep the Zeppelin aloft. We have our doubts. (Though we appreciate the gentle way he dealt with Sean Young at the DGAs. That girl's crazy.)

Super-popular mystery novelist gives Ferrari to military veterans! Sadly, they didn't get to drive it. Also sadly: she's still writing.

Joey Lawrence? STILL ALIVE! And somehow he's been asked to help identify awesome family cars. Which is weird, because we probably wouldn't let him anywhere near our families. Also weird: everyone else from the cast of Blossom seems to be missing.

Survivor/Pimp My Ride producer Bruce Beresford-Redman and his family live in Bizarro World! "After former reality TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman's motion to dismiss his arrest warrant for the murder of his wife, Monica, was denied, his father made an unorthodox appeal to the scrum of news cameras outside the courthouse in Los Angeles Tuesday: buy my son's cars, get an interview."

Prince Charles, Camilla, get new coats from students! Sadly for their Rolls Royce, the coats were made of paint. "For the trip home from the royal gala, Prince Charles and his wife traveled in an armored police van." At least they were warm.

As if shilling EVs weren't enough, Fabio is also hawking Toyotas! Surely we're not the only ones to see the romance novel coverboy in that Toyotathon commercial, right -- the one that no one's posted to the web yet? Clearly, the guy's planning a comeback. Although...was he ever famous enough to rate a comeback? Maybe he's just planning a "come".

[via Marty, Eric, John, etc.]